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Client stories and successes

At Comerford Foley we love to find the best solutions for our clients, whatever their needs.

Reducing tax bill

I really enjoy working with the team at CF and know they always have my back. They are interested in my business and have helped me on many occasions with Artist exemption claims, Vat advice, pensions and are always trying to find legitimate ways to reduce my tax bill. They are easy to deal with, always very friendly and there have never been any surprises.

Tax deadlines

Revenue called to my door and gave me a short period of time to get my tax affairs in order. I called CF and they got working on my behalf very quickly. They sorted everything out with Revenue and they secured tax refunds for me which was fantastic as was able to pay them from this, pay Revenue and still have some money left over. They totally put my mind at ease and put more money into my pocket.

Minimising taxes

I started up in business 4 years ago and CF were recommended to me. As a start-up they couldn’t have been more helpful and one of the most important things they did for me was to minimise my taxes by claiming all the tax credits and reliefs that I was entitled to. This was vital as it left me with sufficient cash to continue and grow my business. I really am happy to work with them and all interactions I have with any staff member has always been positive.

Curran Foods Limited

"We have been using the services of Comerford Foley for 14 months and in that time we have seen the benefit of having quarterly management accounts to help us grow our business. We understand our figures better, we work well together and they have been instrumental in helping us expand our business in terms of securing finance and maximising tax efficiency. We couldn't recommend them enough."

Ger Curran, Managing Director

Property sales tax

I am a long term client of CF and am absolutely delighted with the service they give to me. I recently sold a property and had calculated the tax that I owed and wanted CF to process the payment for me. They reviewed my figures before making the payment and spotted an error in my figures. This review and correction saved me over €7,000 so needless to say I was extremely happy about this outcome.

Rental property tax

I found CF after reading one of their blogs. I knew I had an Irish tax issue as had a rental property in Ireland and put off dealing with it for a few years. We had an initial meeting and shortly after that they got a proposal out to me and they have just sorted out my tax affairs for three tax years and my tax bills were a lot less than I thought. I am delighted with the speed and efficiency of the service and would recommend them to anyone.

Another property example

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Channel Meats

"For us at Channel Meats it's all about a partnership with Comerford Foley for our growth. They've always got our back. As a family business, this loyalty is not only appreciated but critical to our business growth. When our accountants understand how we think, and re willing to work together with us, it means that everything we do together delivers solid value – the kind that has a direct result on our bottom line.The recommendations we receive (both following the audit and throughout the year) are always practical and valid. Comerford Foley work with us to help us implement these actions. We've been working with them for several years and in that time we have truly found them to be invaluable to our company."

Inheritance tax

I have been working with CF for many years as they look after my accounts and taxes and always do a great job on this. I needed their help recently as I had to get an Inheritance issue, which was worrying me, sorted out very quickly. I called them and they got working on it immediately. Within a week everything was resolved with the minimum of effort for me as they directly liaised with Revenue and my solicitor. It is a huge relief and I really thank them for their excellent service.

Investment tax

Me and my husband emigrated to Australia 4 years ago. We had invested monies is a wide range of different investments all of which are looked after by a stockbroker in Ireland and some of this is quite complicated from a tax side. The team at CF did a super job getting all this right on our tax return at the outset and we have been very impressed with the level of detail in their service and how they make it easy for us by working directly with our stockbroker and Revenue.

Revenue audit

I got a dreaded Revenue Audit letter through the post and called CF after the initial shock. They immediately put me at ease and worked with me and Revenue to get the best deal possible for me. I knew they worked really hard to get all the information that Revenue needed by the due dates and they helped me prepare and get through the Revenue interview. While it was a very painful and difficult issue for me the team at CF couldn’t have done any more for me.

Chia Bia

"I started getting advice from Comerford Foley while self-employed. Their support and efforts have helped me bring an idea further. The support at the early stage in compliance, management accounts, year end accounts, payroll and budgeting has been invaluable and enabled the company to grow"

Barrie Rogers, Managing Director

Quarterly management accounts

Our family has been in business for many years and while we have a good business we were looking to grow our sales and become more profitable. On their recommendation they advised us to switch from a post year end accountancy service to a quarterly management accountancy solution. We have specific Key performance indicators that are vital for us and we can now track these during the year and make our business decisions based on up to date numbers. There is never an issue with contacting them and our interaction with CF has been extremely beneficial.

Company restructure

I am getting closer and closer to retirement and a huge goal for me is that my business passes on to the next generation while at the same time ensuring that other family members are looked after. The team at CF actively engaged with us from the time we moved to them and have provided us with a very clever solution so that we could restructure our company without it impacting on staff, customers and suppliers. This will be a major win for me when the business is transferred to the third generation.

Business start up

Ger and Colin started working for me when it was just the two of them in Dunhill. My business has grown quite a bit over the last few years and they have very much a part of that. They have helped me set-up a company, secure finance to expand and I now need more and more services from them. They and their team are always on hand to help with any issue I have and I know I can get on with working hard and growing my business safe in the knowledge that they are behind me all the way.

Aspect Photography

"Comerford Foley have been my accountants for over 5 years. In that time we have built up a great relationship and trust with each other – I see them as an integral part of my business. They are always at hand to advise on even minor issues. I can make quick business decisions based on their advice and they often guide me through financial/tax processes that I would otherwise find difficult to understand. Compared to other business services I use, I can safely say that Comerford Foley over-deliver. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Shane O'Neill, Aspect Photography

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