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Income Tax

We have the expertise to help you with income tax returns so that all your personal tax affairs are dealt with efficiently and on time. We'll calculate your correct tax liability, advise you on your payment dates and process your tax payments. We will ensure you claim all your tax credits, reliefs and tax exemptions so that you have the comfort of knowing that you are not paying any more than you should be.

VAT / VIES / Intrastat

We will help advise you of your Vat obligations and help you get your business registered. We will calculate the Vat you owe at the end of each Vat period and minimise the Vat you have to pay by maximising the Vat you can claim back. We will process the vat payment or secure a vat refund for you and liaise with Revenue should queries arise.  We will help with all Vat forms to include return of trading details, VIES (goods and services) and Intrastat.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

The sale of any asset, such as shares, property or land, may result in a "capital gain", which may be subject to Irish CGT. We can ascertain if you are liable to Irish CGT and if so calculate your liability, process tax payment and advise you of payment dates. We can help you minimise your CGT liability by claiming all deductible costs and claim any reliefs and exemptions available.

Capital Acquisitions (CAT)

CAT arises on the receipt of a gift or inheritance. We can ensure that you remain compliant with the return requirements and can assist you with the calculation of any liability arising. We will advise you of the payment dates and process the tax due. We will help you minimise your liability by ensuring you can benefit from any reliefs and exemptions available, such as Agricultural relief and Business Property relief, and claim all deductible costs.

Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT)

This tax applies to payments made by principal contractors to sub-contractors in the construction, forestry and meat-processing industries. All RCT obligations for principal contractors and sub-contractors must now be completed online through the Revenue Online System (ROS). We'll help you understand and guide you through all your RCT requirements so that you meet all your obligations. 

Corporation Tax

All trading companies are liable to Corporation Tax on the profits of the company trade and on non-trading income such as investment income.  We will calculate the amount of Corporation Tax due, including close company surcharge and process tax payments so that all your company tax obligations are met on time.  We will minimise your tax payable as much as we can by the use of Capital allowances, offset of losses and maximising any reliefs and exemptions available.

Payroll Taxes

The employer is responsible for calculating and paying over to Revenue all the Payroll taxes of their employees such as PAYE, PRSI, USC and employer's PRSI. From the start of 2019 Revenue have introduced a new payroll system called PAYE modernisation. This involves real time reporting of payroll taxes to Revenue. Our payroll department will ensure that you meet all your payroll requirements with Revenue every time we run a payroll for you. We will provide your employees with payslips, calculate holiday and public holiday entitlements, process sick and maternity/paternity pay, deal with Revenue and advise you of all your payroll liabilities 2 weeks before due.  

Tax Planning

Our specialist team has considerable experience in tax planning strategies both for start-up businesses and also for more mature businesses looking towards succession or sale. The following are just some of the areas that we have experience in when considering planning opportunities: 

  • Business Structure
  • Start your own business
  • Reorganisation
  • Retirement/Succession planning
  • Farming Tax
  • Gift/Inheritance Tax planning
  • Termination payments
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

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