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2019 – What’s the Plan?

The year is nearly over…..where has it gone is a common small talk phrase at the moment! It really has flown. As we get close to the year end it is a good time to reflect on 2018 (did you achieve aRead more

PAYE Modernisation!

Are you ready for PAYE Modernisation? More change, more headaches and an additional compliance burden on employers and SME’s! As you struggle through the day to day of keeping your business movingRead more

Tax return filing season – TRFS!

First day after the end of tax return filing season so all those engaged in this frantic activity of preparing and filing returns and processing payments on ROS on behalf of clients can take aRead more

“You ask we answer" - Don't Do Your Own......!

We were chatting in the office yesterday and we all agreed that it’s a “funny” time of year in that people tend to get a bit stressed out and act a bit abnormal around this time compared to othRead more

Promotion News!

Comerford Foley is delighted to announce the promotion of Darragh McCormack to the position of Senior Manager. As both a qualified Accountant and Tax Adviser, Darragh has a wealth of experience inRead more

Budget 2019!

With each Budget it appears we are getting more and more of announcements leaked through the press in the few days prior. This year has been no different!  Some of the headlines of Budget 2019 are:Read more

Business Growth & Strategy

Hello from CF There is a bit of a sporting lull out there at the moment so much so I think people are getting interested in the Nations league! Nobody really understands it but it certainly isRead more

Growing Your Business – Why Accounts Matter

September is here and back to school has hopefully gone well for all you parents who had little ones starting or older ones starting back! We had a junior infant starter in our house so there was greRead more

Growing your business - taxation terms to be aware of!

Hello from CF Unreal hurling final, not so much for the quality but the sheer drama of it all!  Limerick winning handy, the weight and wait of 45 years, 8 minutes on the board for injury time,Read more

Workshop Event

Would you like to put more money in your pocket, allay tax fears, and learn more about what strategy will work your business? Join us for a casual, jargon-free workshop where we will show you how weRead more

Why am I being charged interest?

Hello from CF We have the All-Ireland hurling final on Sunday which is very strange and very exciting for Galway and especially Limerick. It’s super to see houses being done up and green and whiteRead more

Can I take a Loan from my Company?

A question that we often get asked from SME business owners is – “Can I borrow money from my Company?” The thinking here is along the lines of…..…..sure it’s my company, my money!Read more
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